MILLENNIAL TRAINER (21st Century Train The Trainer)

WHY THIS TRAINING? Learners have totally different learning expectations that folks did fifty years ago. Where does the change stem from? What to focus on in order to get rid of such change? This training is to answer those questions and to give you confidence to grow as a millennial trainer.

CUSTOMER SERVICE 111 (27 Chapters, 111 Competencies)

WHY THIS TRAINING? The future of customer service will be about making customers feel loved and about front-liners who are very informative and knowledgeable. Your company will be able to adapt to the situation only when the skillsets of your employees are covering all 111 competencies in the listed 27 chapters.

CUSTOMER SERVICE 111 – RETAIL INDUSTRY (111 Aspects of Management, Selling Skills, and Leadership)

WHY THIS TRAINING? An integrated program for retail professionals at all levels (staff, supervisor, and manager) that focuses on developing atomistic service & leadership competencies.

ELP for GREATNESS (Officer, Managerial, and Executive Level)

WHY THIS TRAINING? Ethical Leadership so far only talks about what is right and what is wrong. But we have a vision that in the future, leadership will be about transcending yourself into a leader who is unconditionally responsible for everyone in the organization.


(Experiental Leadership Program - Outbound Training Service)


This Outbound Training Service can be conducted Half / Full-Day, 2D1N, or 3D2N.


Leadership; Team & People; Values; Change; Communication Skills; Problem-Solving Skills; Business Judgment; Organization; Managing Results; Operating Skills.

The Vision & Mission of Organization; Role-Modeling; Building Relationships; Motivation through Delegation and Expectation Talks; 5 Stages of Team Development; Effective Communication Skills.

Leading Teams, Coaching Teams, Valuing Differences, Build Involvement & Shared Leadership.